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I was once told "The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute but the man who never asks is a fool for life"-Confucius. Do you have questions about how an iWave2 sign is made? How you can make or design your own iWave2 sign? How do you upload your design? Does the picture have to be uploaded a curtain size? Can iWave2 print items for my business? How long has iWave2 been in business for? How big are iWave2 signs in general? Do you have questions on how to order a sign through our shopping cart? All questions are great questions! Our iWave2 customer support and account management teams are waiting by the computer to help provide the best customer service an online sign company can offer. At iWave2 we are passionate about our designs, our products, our customers and it shows in the level of products we produce. We are always happy to make the sign of your imagination. Feel free to upload your design, and or contact us with any questions you have by using the form below. We are always standing by and eager to help!